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Dog Outdoor:  Almost everybody loves the outdoors, but no one else loves it more than your dog.
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Dog Outdoor: When you are ready to adventure outdoors with your furry friend. Did you remember to check the weather forecast? If rain is coming then you will want to protect your pet with a durable raincoat. Our raincoats will keep any dog dry and warm.
Some even come with built-in harnesses so you can keep your dog close by your side. When your dog is thirsty or hungry why not keep a collapsible bowl around to feed him food or give him a drink.
Our dog boots will keep your dog's feet warm and protected when he is outdoors in the cold. Some people will even take their dog snowboarding, skiing, or for long cross-country hikes.
They make the best companions and can make your outdoor adventure fun and memorable.
We can make you and your dog prepared for whatever mother nature throws at you.
JOM pet supplies carry many dog outdoor supplies. Such as coats, sweaters, portable bowls, snowsuits, dog booties and socks, eye goggles.
When it is hot outside you can get your dog a cooling dog bowl so your friend always has cool water available.
Use extra caution when doing long and hard events with your dog. I have seen people take their dog out in the middle of the day in the summer then wonder why he/she is lagging behind.
It is obvious that the heat can be a real killer when it is too hot outside. Use common sense and take your dog exercising in the early morning or evening when it has cooled down.
Have plenty of water available and stop and get your pet indoors under the air conditioner or cool them down with a hose wetting their belly or all over when they are showing signs of heat exhaustion.
I have heard people say "Oh my dog can take it he loves to run". Dogs have died when they are run in very hot weather and the owner does not recognize the signs of heat exhaustion.
Which brings me to another point "DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG IN A CAR WHEN IT IS HOT". Even though it may feel cool to you and it is only 78 degrees outside the interior of a car can heat up to 103 degrees in a matter of moments.
So be kind to your pet and always think of your best intentions for them.