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Dog ID Tags: Always be prepared that you may lose your dog at the dog park or while hiking on some remote trail.

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Dog ID Tags: Dog ID tags are an essential part of caring for your dog. Nothing is worse than seeing your dog run after a deer or some other animal.

You immediately imagine the worst scenario in your head as you call for him/her and there is no response. If you are smart your dog has ID tags for just this reason, hopefully, someone will find your pet and call the number on the tag.

We all have read stories of dogs who got lost miles away from their home and later walked or somehow found their way back home some thousands of miles away. Dogs are smart, but we as owners must look out for their well being and protect them from any wrongdoing.
It is a sad and unforgettable experience to lose the most important thing in your life when it could have been prevented.
Now thank goodness for micro-chipping a unique way to keep track of your dog if they get lost or stolen.
I know as I speak from experience I lost my Jack Russell Terrier once after he dug his way out of the backyard and took off because my neighbor fired his gun in his backyard. My dog is very afraid of loud noises such as guns.
I was so stressed worrying where he might have gone because he never leaves my side. A young couple brought him back in their car saying they found him up on the canal which was miles away. He happily hopped in their car and they read his ID tags which gave my address and phone number.
I was so relieved he was ok. Your mind starts to make up all these horrible things that could have happened to him. So be smart and get your dog some ID tags you never know what will happen.