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Dog Crates:  If you want to take your dog with you do it safely with a dog crate.

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Dog Crates: Make pet travel easy. Pet crates come in different materials and sizes. Our plastic crates are durable, easy to assemble and come with a secure locking door to meet airline travel regulations.
Crates make keeping your dog under control when riding in a vehicle. Pets can get pretty crazy when jumping about from seat to seat and can distract you from driving.
When your dog rides in the back of a truck keep them safe and contained in a dog crate to prevent them from falling out or being tossed around in the back on sudden turns or stops.
They will learn to love their crate if taught the right way on how to use it. Some dogs will automatically go to their crate when tired or just wanting to sleep for a while. They can learn that it is a safe place for them.
If you have a dog escape artist you need to look for a crate that is not easy to break out of. Many dogs are regular Houdinis at getting out of their crate, somehow they can figure out how to unlock the gate or remove it from the hinges.
Be sure you get a crate that can grow with your dog as you can add dividers to enlarge the crate as the puppy grows. Otherwise, you will be purchasing multiple crates as they grow.