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Cats just want to have fun. That why they need lots of toys to keep them occupied and happy.
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Cat Toys
When a cat has plenty of toys to play with they seldom get bored. Protect your power cords when you have a cat. Cats love to chew on them because it feels soft between their teeth. Cover them with cord protectors sold at the local pet store.
You can also apply bitter apple liquid but apply sparingly because too much can make your cat sick.
Why is it we always want to pick our cat up and hug it? Some cats are ok with this while others do not like it. If they squirm just let them down gently. Never pick up a cat when sleeping or eating. Some of the ways they prefer us to love them are things like a headbutt, a rub on your leg, or a display of their butt.
While the people who love dogs are considered extroverted, good-natured, active. While cat lovers are called "crazy cat lady", anti-social, obsessive. And what is with the phrase "catty" is that meant to be spiteful or malicious.
Cats are at times crazy as they bounce off walls, run around the room, and engage in all kinds of weird behaviors. You want to make sure you keep your home as safe as possible for your cat. Close windows where they could fall out, put away things that could get knocked over, but if their behavior is disrupting your family you may want to take them to the vet for advice.
Cats chew on everything this could be a sign of being weaned too early from their mother. Sometimes this can be dangerous such as getting obstructions, choking,
You may want to take them to the vet to see if there are other reasons for this behavior.