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Cat Scratchers
When your cat starts scratching your nice rugs and curtains or furniture you know its time to get them a cat scratcher.
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Cat Scratchers
A cat scratcher is one of a cat's best friend. It allows them to scratch as much and however long they need to without damaging your furniture and beloved items.
It is their way of marking their territory for we know they have scent glands in their paws. If you want them to use the scratching post rib some catnip on it or reward them with a treat when they use it.
Cats don't routinely like water. Who needs baths and showers when you have your own cleaning system of your own. That's why cats have rough tongues for grooming themselves, paws, and saliva.
They also dry slowly when wet and who likes to be soaking wet for very long. Just make sure they have access to fresh clean water. If you are feeding wet food it is 78% water, but regardless always have water available to them.
Cats are notorious for bringing us dead mice or their fresh catch of the day. Maybe it is because they are imitating their own mother feeding them or they appreciate that we provide for them every day and they are returning the favor.
They may be thinking they caught too many and they thought we would like the leftovers.
These are just natural acts of your cat so if you don't like it you may have to put a bell on us to alert the creatures we are coming or them
Why are so many people allergic to cats? They all say it is the hair. Actually, it is a protein found on the cat's skin called "Fel d 1." You don't hear much about cats being allergic to humans. Some breeds do produce less, but all cats produce it.