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Cat Dishes /Bowls
Mealtime is an important aspect of any pet's life. Buy them a cat dish or bowl that will make dinner time an exciting and delightful pleasure.
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Cat Dishes/Bowls- come in different sizes, colors, shapes, and designs. We feel you will find just what you are looking for at JOM pet supplies.
Ever wonder why cats and other animals curl up into a ball when sleeping? It is their way of protecting themselves from harm and to generate heat.
Does your cat show its belly as if asking for a belly rub? Then when you go to rub them they turn feisty and try to scratch you. The stomach is a vulnerable part of cats anatomy. If you started rubbing the cat's belly as a kitten they may grow up to like that and allow it.
If it's playful fighting that your cat is doing when you reach out to rub them they may be waiting to get you with their back claws.
Cats like to sleep in boxes and any small places so they can look out at their surroundings. They are natural ambushers. It also gives them a sense of security and helps retain heat.
When they sway their tailback and forth it means they are agitated and warning someone to stop what they are doing. It also could mean they are really interested in something, but usually, that is demonstrated with a twitching tail.
When cats scratch they do so in order to keep nails groomed, they also mark their territory with their scent, and sometimes they just need to stretch. Some people will have their cat declawed which is a terrible choice. Their claws are their only way of protecting themselves and the satisfaction they get from scratching will leave them saddened and lost.