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Cats need a place to sleep, nap, and rest when they're tired. Shop our selection of unique, fun and comfortable cat beds that will be sure to please that special kitty in your life. Show your cat your love with a cozy cat bed. Many cats love to burrow and snuggle, so why not get them a snuggler bed or cat tunnel bed where they can nest deep inside a warm and cozy place to call their own. The cat beds that we offer are hand-picked to meet your needs, including materials that are safe for your pet and the environment. You love your cat because of it's companionship and affection, but once cats were valued for their hunting abilities; take great care of that little hunter here, where you can find beds for cats of all breeds. Don't leave out your dog, either! You can shop orthopedic memory foam dog beds here at JOM Pet Supplies as well.

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Vesper Cat Furniture Vesper Cat Furniture
Our Price: $249.99

The more you know about cats, the more fascinating they can be! Cats have 30 sharp teeth and use their incredible hearing to detect frequencies above and below what humans can hear. Their tongues are rough for grooming and lapping up water. They have scent glands in their paws and cheeks so rubbing against us or scratching on vertical surfaces transfers their scent. Studies have shown that owning a cat is good for your health! People with cats have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and elderly patients who own cats suffer less from depression and loneliness. Cats can even be trained, as long as they have the chance to interact with humans by two weeks of age; after 16 weeks of age, it is hard to tame a cat. Cat owners are more practical and logical than dog owners and they also tend to be more introverted. Find a great selection of pet travel supplies with us!