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Dog boots and shoes-
Dogs can have tender feet too. So protect them with a pair of our dog boots and shoes.
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Dog Boots and shoes
In the wintertime, your dog's feet can get very cold when outdoors. That is why we provide a selection of quality dog boots and shoes. Protect your dog's feet with a pair of dog boots when in the snow or in icy conditions.
Dogs do not have to stay home when the weather gets nasty. They can accompany you and play all day if their feet are protected from the cold. Also, shoes prevent ice balls from accumulating between your dog's toes, this can be pretty uncomfortable for them.
Dog boots and shoes aren't just for winter. In the summertime, their pads can get burned if they are going to be walking on pavement. Just think if it really hot outside could you walk on the hot asphalt in your bare feet? Neither could your dog.
We carry a variety of dog boots and shoes in different colors, sizes, and styles that your pet will love. Some of our dog boots and shoes are durable, flexible, and water resistant to protect your dog's feet in all kinds of weather. They also have non-skid bottoms to prevent slipping and sliding while offering secure footing.
Some dogs need some time to adjust to their new boots or shoes. They may resist them at first, but with time they will come to accept them as they protect their paws from harm. When they first start out in their new boots or shoes they will walk funny as if prancing or as if walking in a parade with their feet held high.
So please remember to protect your pet's feet they will thank you for it.